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Happy Year of the Metal Rat!

by Johanna Utter, L.Ac., FABORM

Happy Year of the Metal Rat!, Johanna Utter, L.Ac., FABORM in Davis, CAHappy Lunar New Year!

We are currently at the tail end of the Year of the Earth Pig. The Pig is the last animal of the 12-year cycle, which means that this year has been a good year for completion and wrapping things up. The Earth element is about abundance in food, rest, and other sensory experiences. The two together made up a good year to celebrate and enjoy life, like it’s a big party! What comes after a big party? Cleaning up!

The Lunar New Year of the Metal Rat begins on January 25, 2020. Rats in Chinese culture are considered to be kind, friendly, and sociable. The Rat is the first animal of the 12-year cycle, so this year is a good year for renewal and new beginnings. Because it is the start of a new cycle, decisions made this year will influence the next 12 years, so take time to dream, vision, plan, and use your creative energy to come up with new ideas and opportunities.

Metal is about making decisions, cutting/clearing away what is no longer needed. It also has to do with precision, structure, order, details, and efficiency. The Metal Element helps provide a firm, focused structure to the energetic ambitions of the Rat.

To be most successful in your endeavors, do planning and preparation of your projects during the first half of the year, and implementation of them during the second half.  Be confident and determined in pursuing your goals, and don’t let yourself be discouraged by problems or setbacks that arise. The more precise your efforts, the greater success you will achieve.

The Year of the Rat is also a very good year for improving health and implementing regular exercise.


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