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Johanna Utter, L.Ac., FABORM
Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Spiritual Director

Graduate: Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Speciality: Reproductive Medicine, Women's Health, and Mind/Body Connection
Member: Fellow of the Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine, Acupuncturists Without Borders, RESOLVE


Johanna Utter, Licensed Acupuncturist, DavisMy experience covers treating a wide variety of health concerns, but I am particularly interested in women's health and the connection between mind, body, and spirit. I also see myself as an educator, and enjoy teaching my patients about their bodies and the world from a traditional Asian perspective. I value building rapport and relationships with my patients, many of whom come in for regular treatments to enhance their health and well-being.

My Path to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not interested in other languages and cultures. My curiosity in and exploration of various forms of holistic health began while I was in my teens. In particular, I developed an interest in food and herbs as medicine. Upon completion of my studies in Botany at U.C. Davis, I attended Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA, where I received my training in acupuncture, herbs, and other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine.

Creating a Safe Place for Healing

Early on in my practice, I noticed that some patients began to share their religious beliefs and spiritual experiences. Recognizing a significance and to better address their needs, I completed a three-year internship in The Art of Spiritual Direction through The Bread of Life in Sacramento. I use tools from spiritual direction and other training to help my patients cultivate an awareness of the yearnings of their hearts, facilitate their connection with their spiritual path, and nurture an awareness of the divine flow in their lives and their bodies.

Working Together

I consider myself to be a partner in healthcare with my patients and recognize that they are the experts in the workings of their own bodies. While providing my expertise and guidance, I invite and encourage my patients to develop a sense of friendly curiosity and an open mind; to experiment and then notice for themselves what their own experiences are. I provide a safe place for my patients to explore questions regarding the interplay of body-thoughts-emotions-spirit in their health and in other areas of their lives. Facilitating personal and spiritual exploration are pieces of my practice that I find greatly satisfying and patients have said that I'm a skilled and insightful listener.

Starting Where You are for a Healthy Life

I emphasize developing healthy habits to help build a solid foundation so that my patients can flourish. I have a lot of experience in modifying diets for food allergies and often make dietary recommendations. A proponent of ample sleep, rest, and relaxation, I also advocate a lifestyle that incorporates physical activities that are energy-building and enjoyable to each patient.

I am married and have three children. My interests include knitting, walks with friends, ballet, Zumba, and Pilates class.

I have been a licensed acupuncturist in California since 1989 and in private practice in Davis since 1990.


  • B.S. degree in Botany from the University of California at Davis, 1985.
  • Graduate of Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA, 1988.
  • Provided detox acupuncture for clients of Yolo County Drug and Alcohol at Salud Clinic in West Sacramento and at Beamer Street Residential Treatment Center in Woodland from 1990-91.
  • Facilitated the "Moms Together" group (later known as "Parents Together"), a support group for parents and babies up to one year, for the City of Davis Child Care Services from 1995-2001.
  • Completed a 150-hour certification program as a Massage Technician in Danzan Ryu Restorative Therapy at Makoto Kai Healing Arts in Woodland, CA in 2005.
  • Completed training as a Hospice Volunteer with Yolo Hospice in 2006.
  • Completed a three-year internship in The Art of Spiritual Direction through The Bread of Life in Sacramento, CA. in Nov. 2006.
  • Attended Circles of Trust Retreats 1-3 (based on Parker Palmer's work) through the Center for Courage & Renewal in 2006-07.
  • Completed Levels 1-4 of Ann Weiser Cornell's Inner Relationship Focusing in 2006-08.
  • Attended the nine-day School for The Work of Byron Katie in Los Angeles in Mar. 2009.
  • Completed 38 hours of continuing education in TCM Gynecology and Infertility treatment in 2012.
  • A member of Acupuncturists Without Borders and completed their training in Healing Community Trauma in 2012 and again in 2020.
  • Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM), 2013.
  • Attended the annual Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, BC in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Completed the White Pines Institute's two-year Graduate Mentorship Program in 2018.
  • Completed Lonny Jarrett's two-year internship in Clinical Integration in 2019.
  • Completed The Academy of Acupuncture's courses: Balance Method Core Foundation Track (2019), Balance Method Advanced Track (2019), I Ching (2020), and Balance Method Module 2 (2021)
  • Completed the 12 module classical herbal training program of the Circle of Life (including obstetrics).
  • Currently in Acupuncturist Without Borders' year-long trauma-informed care certificate program for acupuncturists, Repairing the Shattered Heart: Trauma-Informed Healing for Yourself, Your Patients, and Your Community.
  • Completed Lonny Jarrett's two-year internship in Clinical Integration (twice, in 2019 and 2022).
  • Completed The Academy of Acupuncture's Ba Zi course (5 levels).

Johanna Utter, L.Ac., FABORM
622 E. 8th Street
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 757-2064

Monday - Friday
by appointment only

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"Be curious, not judgmental."
– Walt Whitman

"Nine-tenths of education is encouragement."
– Anatole France