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Patient Testimonials

"My daughter was unable to clear her skin until she had her appointment with Johanna. Johanna is a fabulous listener. She noted everything my daughter mentioned. Johanna treats the whole body. Following Johannas advice my daughters skin cleared up without medication nor creams. A natural solution by a wonderful, helpful professional. We highly recommend Johanna." – Kim Beck

"I reached out to Johanna in September of this year (2017) to ask for advice in dealing with two chronic pain conditions that I had been dealing with for the past two years. I had been working with traditional western medicine and my symptoms were growing more complicated during this time. By the time I spoke to Johanna I was feeling lost and without hope.

In August of 2015 I was stricken with Interstitial Cystitis, a condition so painful and debilitating that treatment involved a seemingly endless series of prescription medications to help manage the pain and symptoms. I was working with physicians in Pain Management and Urology and none of them could tell me exactly what caused this condition or how long I would suffer from it. The medications I was taking to manage my symptoms began to add to my symptoms with continually evolving side effects. These circumstances impacted my personal life, no trips or vacations, and work life. Long meetings or standing for any length of time were challenging and learning to work around pain was like a full time job. Then in February of 2017, new problems arose, terrible headaches and nausea that lasted all day every day. MRI's and appointments with Neurologists produced a diagnosis of Cluster Headaches and no real plan dealing with them. Just more medication and more side effects. By September of 2017 I knew I needed a new approach and found Johanna and her acupuncture practice in Davis. Below is a list of the symptoms that I presented when I began treatment with her.

1) Bladder pain
2) Nausea
3) Eye Pain and discomfort
3) Daily Cluster Headaches
4) Neuropathy pain and burning in lower body, feet
5) Swelling of hands and feet
6) Weight gain
7) Insomnia

I was also taking 7 daily prescription medications for these conditions and still suffering these symptoms. My conversations with Johanna were so different from my conversations with my traditional western physicians. There was a level of deep listening and compassion that was remarkable. She explained her methods and said that while she could not guarantee any improvement, her approach would certainly not further complicate or injure me. We began meeting every week for an acupuncture treatment and course of Chinese herbal medicines. These herbal medications were also new to me and she explained that these medications would evolve as her treatment evolved. Within two weeks my headaches and nausea had lessened and eventually stopped. Over the following weeks, the bladder pain that had plagued me since 2015 lessened and eventually stopped. I was able to eliminate the prescription medications that I had been taking for these conditions. Next the Neuropathy, the sense of wearing a pair of pantyhose that were on fire, faded and then stopped. The eye pain and discomfort has also lessened considerably. The insomnia that I have experienced since 2002 has also improved dramatically. We are still working on the swelling of the hands and feet but there is improvement there as well. I can wear shoes now!

I have been seeing Johanna every week for 14 weeks now and I can honestly say that I have my life back again. I have hope and my mood and energy are back to normal. I feel that any challenge that comes my way, I can handle it. I no longer take any of the 7 prescriptions. Johanna is a gifted and talented practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I am so grateful to have her supporting my journey to health and wholeness." - B.

Photo of medications B. is no longer taking after 14 weeks of treatment with
acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Patient Testimonials - Johanna Utter, L.Ac., FABORM in Davis, CA

"The treatments I have received were for chronic pain that I have endured for over 12 years. I didn't expect to get significant relief and/or immediate results because the pain, discomfort, and area needing treatment were so intense and widespread. But my first treatment resulted in decreasing my pain by at least half. My 3 subsequent treatments have continued to lessen my pain to the extent that I now believe the pain will soon be a memory. Johanna has helped me above and beyond expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Johanna and her services at a 10 star level!" - Noreen S.

"Never having been to an acupuncturist before, I didn't know what to expect. I first came to Johanna for neck and back pain. I have found that Johanna is very good at what she does; the acupuncture for physical issues, but also listening carefully to who I am and what's really going on. I see her on a regular basis not only to keep the negative effects of arthritis under control, but also because it balances me, both physically and mentally. I have recommended Johanna to many of many friends and family, and all have had good experiences with her." – Lois S.

"I have been seeing Johanna Utter for acupuncture and spiritual direction for many years. The combination helps tremendously in managing my chronic pain as well as my stress / anxiety level." – Karen

"I have been a patinet of Johanna for years. I keep going because I know I feel better as a result. And I wouldn't want to be going through menopause without her!" – C. B.

"Johanna was not only knowledgeable and thorough when working with me to get pregnant, she was also compassionate and truly cared about me. I am so grateful to her for my beautiful baby boy and for her support and advice. I went to her looking for acupuncture and got so much more." – K. C.

Johanna Utter, L.Ac., FABORM
622 E. 8th Street
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 757-2064

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"When you listen generously to people they can hear the truth in themselves, often for the first time."
– Rachel Naomi Remen